Bedford driving instructor has a "close shave" with some sheep…

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As many of you are probably aware, the Bedford driving test centre recently moved to Cardington, which is in a very rural setting. One of our Bedford driving instructors today was conducting a mock test during a driving lesson in Bedford, and as they drove to the end of Harrowden lane near the test centre, they came to face to face with 200 sheep and 3 sheep dogs being herded into a different field!
The learner driver handled the situation perfectly she remained calm, came to a gentle stop and she made the car safe until all the sheep, dogs and farmers had passed us. Certainly gave us a good giggle and definitely made her more relaxed……we were 5 minutes into her mock test! Which I am pleased to say she passed! Fingers crossed she has the same result next week for the real thing…..she certainly remains calm under pressure!
Here are some tips for driving on rural roads.
–          When driving on country roads you may come across the unexpected, many country roads are bendy and narrow
–          The condition of the roads may not be as good as those around town
–          Beware of slow moving vehicles like tractors and other farm vehicles and machinery
–          Be careful if you decide to overtake
–          Oncoming  farm vehicles may be large and therefore need more room on the narrow roads
–          Horses must be passed carefully and slowly, pass wide and don’t rev the engine
–          Rural roads may not be gritted during cold weather
–          Just because the speed limit is 60mph doesn’t mean that it is safe to drive at 60mph
And of course, watch for sheep!!
If you have any questions about driving on rural roads, or any other questions about driving lessons in Bedford, give us a call on 0345 676 9870.
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