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You often hear the phrase “you can never be too careful” when people are talking about driving. Unfortunately, for one of our Bedford driving instructors, this recently became a little bit too true.

Whilst on her way to start her driving lessons in Bedford for the day, an instructor stopped at a set of traffic lights where she was approached by a man waving his arms. Believing that he was looking for a business card for the school, she wound down her window to talk to him. That’s when it all went wrong.

“He was just walking towards the car and I thought he wanted a card from me. I’ve had a few people do that in the past if they see me stopped somewhere. I opened my passenger window to say I would pull up just down the road as it wasn’t safe at the lights, and that was when I saw him reach for the door handle. Next thing I know, he had opened my passenger door and was trying to force his way in to my passenger seat. Luckily, I had just dropped my son off and his child seat was still buckled in to the front seat. Because that was there, it stopped him being able to get in. I managed to get the car moving at which point he fell from the side door and then I just drove. I’ve been giving driving lessons in Bedford for a long time now, but that is one of the scariest things I have ever had happen on the roads.”

In this case, our instructor was lucky and knows it could have been much worse. With this incident in mind, our Bedford driving instructors have put together some advice for keeping yourself safe on the roads.

  • Lock your doors. It may sound simple, but it will prevent any unwanted access to your vehicle. Many cars these days have automatic locking doors when you start driving, but if yours don’t lock automatically, try to make it a habit when you get in the car.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. If potential intruders can see handbags, phones, wallets, laptops etc, it makes for a more obvious target.
  • Be observant. Clearly, people don’t walk around with signs above their heads. But as in the case of our instructor, be weary of strangers approaching your vehicle. If talking to someone, only open your window far enough to talk to them, not far enough for them to reach in to your car.
  • Stay safe. With the longer nights now, it can be even harder to spot potential threats. So stay vigilante, and keep yourself safe.

We hope you find this useful and that you never find yourself in this kind of situation.

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