Bedford driving instructors discuss insurance premium rises for female drivers.

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It’s a well known fact, that girls get cheaper car insurance. This is the way it has always been, given that the statistics show that female drivers are less of a risk to insurance companies. We always believed this would never change, or so we thought…
Following a ruling in the European Courts, female drivers will no longer enjoy the huge discounts they normally received, and their insurance prices will be brought more in line with the insurance of males. This only affects policies that were taken out after 21st December 2012, or policies that are renewed after that date.
We asked the opinion of one of our driving instructors in Bedford on how they feel about these changes.
“Generally, insurance can be quite expensive for everyone anyway. So rising the prices even further seems a bit extreme. I understand that boys can be more risky with their driving, but it does seem to be that everyone is now being tarred with the same brush. Girls are usually less risky, but you can’t always tell what kind of driver someone will be until they pass their test and start driving for themselves.”
Of course, there are some ways to bring your insurance premiums down. The quickest option for new drivers would be to complete a Pass Plus course. There’s no test, just extra training and it can take up to a third of you insurance premiums. The other way to reduce your cost is to be a good driver! If you don’t claim on your insurance, you will build up your “No Claims Discount”, which some insurers will take all the way up to 75% discounts!
If you have any questions about methods to reduce your insurance costs, Pass Plus or anything else to do with driving lessons in Bedford, feel free to give us a call on 0345 676 9870.
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