Bedford driving instructors shocked by road rage incident.

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It’s not often we see something here that really shocks us, but a video from Youtube has done just that! It shows a motorcyclist leaving a roundabout, only for a car to try and overtake him. The car clips the motorbike, with the rider somehow managing to stay on two wheels. Following he collision though, it’s the behaviour of the driver which is even more shocking than his driving. He proceeds to launch a verbal attack on the rider, claiming that he is a driving instructor and he knows what should be happening. I really hope he was exaggerating about being an instructor.
You can view the video from the link below. Word of warning, it does contain some language which some people may find offensive.
So who do you think was in the right? Leave a comment below so we can see different peoples opinions.
All I can say is, that none of our Bedford driving instructors would ever behave like that, as we are all more sensible than to attempt such an overtake in the first place. We also ensure that all of our students fully appreciate how to deal with motorcycles during their driving lessons in Bedford.
Let’s hope we never see an incident like this again.
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