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Couldn’t help but have a little smile to myself yesterday! As a driving instructor in Bedford, I obviously get to spend a fair amount of time driving around. Usually, everything is peaceful and quiet. But occasionally, there is something strange to see!
So there I was yesterday, on one of my driving lessons in Bedford, when we notice there is some traffic building up in front of us. We can’t see any real reason for the traffic, so we just join the queue like everyone else. Having sat there for a couple of minutes, people around us were starting to get restless, and the horns were starting to get used. That’s when I look down the road to see that the bus that was blocking the road is actually stationary because a passenger has decided to have an argument with the driver!!! There’s lots of shouting and arm waving, and all the time people are blowing there horns more and more!
Eventually, the passenger gave up with the bus and got off. Thinking that’s the end of it, he then started to confront the cars that were using their horns at him!! Having waved his arms a few more times, he got bored and walked off.
All in the day of a Bedford driving instructor.
It also got me thinking though. Do you know what to do in the event of a road rage attack? A few simple rules can include not opening your doors, never rise to any challenge, and if you feel threatened, use your horn to draw attention.
For any questions about dealing with road rage, or any other questions about driving lessons in Bedford, feel free to give us a call on 0345 676 9870.
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