Bedford Driving Instuctors ask: Are young drivers really as bad as everyone claims?

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It’s always been a known fact that young drivers cause a majority of accidents on the road. Lack of experience along with peer pressure can often combine in an unfortunate way, and young drivers often get the blame. But is this all changing?
Driving instructors in Bedford were quite surprised to read recently that a study has found a sharp increase in accident involving drivers aged 60-69, with a decrease in the number of accidents involving drivers in their early twenties. What could be causing this change? Well quite simply, we don’t know. The reason that we don’t know is that these statistics are actually from the USA!
It does raise some questions though. What is it about driving in the States that is causing this change? Are there lessons we could learn to have  positive influence over here?
Now I’ve driven in the States several times, and I’ve always been a bit surprised by some of their disregard of some of our simple laws, such as no undertaking on dual carriageways. They are clearly getting something right though!
As always, we put everything we can in to our driving lessons in Bedford, and stress to all of our students the importance of staying safe on the roads once they pass their test.
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