Do boys really make better learners than girls?

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For years now, it has always been accepted that women are the better drivers. Sorry guys, but it’s true. This has often been attributed to women being more cautious, and generally safer behind the wheel. All of this adds up to fewer serious accidents, and lower insurance premiums. But what about when learning?
According to new figures released recently, men actually make the better learner drivers. Last year, women produced a total of 857,000 major errors when on driving tests, compared to 646,000 from men. The research also showed that women are twice as likely to fail for bad reversing, and also make more mistakes when it comes to steering and gear changes. The survey showed that men are more likely to fail though for going too fast, ignoring traffic lights or road signs. When it comes to both sexes, the most common reason for failing a driving test was for not spotting a hazard at junctions, followed by mirror checks.
Last year, nearly 1.5 million driving tests were taken, with a pass rate of almost 50%. The pass rate for men is 6% higher than for women. The research also showed a difference in the average number of lessons taken, with girls coming in at 52 hours, compared to 36 for boys.
There have been some other studies going on recently, with some interesting results:

  • Ruhr University Bochum, in Germany, suggest that women are more cautious behind the wheel. They also found that when the volunteers were asked to park a car, women took up to 20 seconds longer.
  • The University of Michigan found that women were involved in 68.1% of 6.5 million accidents between 1998 and 2007. This figure was surprising considering 60% of journeys are made by men.

Our Bedford driving instructors were quite surprised by some of the results of the research. It does go to show the difference between boys and girls when they are learning to drive. Girls usually are the more cautious drivers, and boys usually do find the manoeuvres easier to grasp.
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