Bus lane cameras in Bedford capture £131,000 in fines.

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Since last April, the council has been busy catching people using bus lanes when they shouldn’t be, with more than 4,000 motorists being handed out fines so far. There are 5 major bus lanes throughout the Bedford and Kempston area, with fixed cameras and mobile cameras being use across the locations. The fines that have been handed out so far have generated over £131,000 in penalty charges. It is wort noting though, that a large majority of these fines were handed out in the early days of the campaign, with a 70% drop in penalties since it began. So hopefully, people realise that they shouldn’t be in the bus lanes now!
Our driving instructors in Bedford have often commented that you see people using the bus lanes to try and beat traffic, or sometimes they are just using it for convenience. The fact remains though that unless you are an authorised user of the bus lane, you shouldn’t be in there. It’s something which we make clear to all of our students during their driving lessons in Bedford.
For any questions about the use of bus lanes, or for any other questions about driving lessons in Bedford, call us on 0345 676 9870.
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