Concerns over rising petrol prices?

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Driving instructors in Bedford are preparing for yet another rise in the cost of motoring soon. Following a vote this week in the House of Commons, we look all set for more fuel price increases in the new year. Labour had been trying to get a 3 pence per litre rise in duty suspended. Unfortunately, the vote was lost though by a majority of 48. However, it’s not all bad news……

Originally, it was believed that there would be a back bench revolt by some Tory MP’s who supported the idea of avoiding the rise. They, however, changed their minds when it was reported that the Chancellor, George Osborne, will be including elements in his Autumn budget that will help struggling motorists. We will have to wait and see what these measures are though.

So what will this mean for your driving lessons in Bedford? Well, not a lot really!! At Duke and Duchess driving school, we are committed to providing excellent value for money on all of our Bedford driving lessons. We aim to keep our lesson prices and special offers the same, regardless of any fuel price increase.

So you can focus on learning to drive, and just let us worry about the prices at the pumps!!

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