Driving fines to be overturned due to "sign errors"

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Let’s face it, at one point or another, nearly everyone has had one of those moments when you creep over the speed limit. Whether it’s a simple mistake such as forgetting your speed limit, or just a lapse in concentration, it’s a rule of the road which can have serious implications if ignored. Greater risks of accidents and injury, not to mention the fines and penalty points which can follow if caught. But for some drivers, they are about to be let off from their speeding penalties because of a technicality issue with the signs.
The mistake has happened on a stretch of road along the M42, They have in place there some variable speed limit signs, showing when a different speed limit is in place due to congestion or accidents. It has been pointed out though that the speed limits on some signs, has been displayed using the wrong font. According to the Crown Prosecution Service, the lettering is “taller and narrower than the regulations”. The Highways Agency has counter-claimed this by stating that the signs are “the right size and were clearly visible to motorists”.
Under an Act of Parliament, it prohibits drivers from being convicted in the absence of clear road signs, and it is claimed these signs are not defined as road signs. This would have to be consulted on an individual case by case basis, with motorists advised to seek independent advice regarding their case.
We spoke to our Bedford driving instructors about this situation, and we can see it from both sides of the argument. If they are not classed as road signs, then there could be a right to appeal. Having said that though, if they were clearly visible and the cameras were calibrated properly, then the driver is still guilty of the infraction.
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