Driving Lessons in Kettering: Driving in Fog

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Our driving instructors in Kettering and Bedford are keen to stress the importance of safe driving now that the weather is getting colder. Driving lessons in Kettering were conducted in some heavy fog this morning, leading to some tricky conditions for our students to handle on their driving lessons.

Here are our top tips for driving in fog:

  • Do take care! It may sound obvious, but some drivers neglect the dangers of driving in fog
  • Ensure your speed is appropriate for the conditions, making sure you can stop within a distance that you can see
  • Only use your fog lights when visibility is severely reduced to less than 100 meters. This distance is a legal requirement so keep this in mind before switching on your fog lights
  • Do use your dipped headlights. Remember, you want to see and be seen by other drivers

Above all else, stay safe whilst driving!


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