Driving instructors in Bedford think Speedwatch campaign is a great idea

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Our driving instructors in Bedford are impressed by the concept of a new Speedwatch campaign based in Kempston. A number of local residents have been trained in the use of a specialised speed camera, allowing them to track the speeds of vehicles, along with actually catching the culprits. The big twist is though, than when a motorist is caught speeding, they receive a letter from the police, rather than the normal fine and penalty points.
The reason for the soft approach option is that this scheme is being used to promote safety and is not designed for making profit. It hopes to help drivers realise their driving habits and hopefully create a change in their attitudes about speeding. The camera was first used a couple of weeks ago, but will be moved around the Kempston area to where it is felt it will be most needed.
Anything which helps make the roads a safer place during our Kempston and  Bedford driving lessons is a good thing in our opinion!
For any questions about this campaign, or for any other questions about driving lessons in Bedford and Kempston, call us on 0345 676 9870.
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