Driving instructors in Bedford support new speed awareness campaign

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Our driving instructors in Bedford are pleased to hear of a new celebrity backed campaign aimed to make drivers reduce their speed. Beginning in the month of February, famous as the month of love with Valentine’s Day featuring prominently, the campaign is known as “How fast can you stop?”, and carries the slogan “Don’t break your heart, brake your speed”. It carries the celebrity backing of  Chloe Sims from The Only Way is Essex, and actor Matthew Wolfenden from Emmerdale. The campaign focuses on a promotional video made at the Millbrook Proving Ground, shows the celebrities driving at 30mph, 35mph and 60mph. It then shows the effect that these different speeds have on their braking distances. It is aiming to raise awareness of speed issues in 17-24 year olds.
You can view the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUd1vBee9SY&feature=youtu.be
Talking to our Bedford driving instructors, they feel that any way to engage young drivers once they have finished their Bedford driving lessons, can only be a good thing. Also if it helps people realise the importance of safety and braking distances, it is an important message for everyone to understand.
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