Driving instructors in Northampton advise on driving in bad weather.

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It seems all too soon that we are already approaching the tail end of the year. The nights are drawing in, the weather’s turning cold and we’re all keeping an eye out for the Coca-Cola lorries on television.

With the ever changing weather, our attention during driving lessons in Northampton and other areas will become even more focused on teaching new drivers how to handle bad weather safely. Not a year goes by that you don’t hear about people getting caught out by the bad weather, so in an effort to help you prepare for the season, our Northampton driving instructor offers advice to help keep you safe.

  • Plan your journey well ahead, consider letting others know your route if there’s a chance of the weather changing for the worse
  • Only travel if it is absolutely necessary, consider whether your journey could be rearranged
  • Check for possible changes in the weather
  • Check your car regularly to ensure all lights are working and that all engine fluids are at the correct level
  • Ensure your car has screen wash at the correct level to keep windows clear and ice free
  • Carry a few extra supplies in the car such as water, a torch, a blanket and check your mobile phone is charged before leaving
  • Adjust your driving to suit the conditions, allowing greater stopper distances
  • Use the correct lights for different weather conditions. Fog lights are only to be used when visibility is less than 100m
  • Allow more time for your journey and stay safe
We hope that you find this useful and feel free to visit our Facebook page for regular advice and tips for driving in bad weather
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