Driving Lessons During Coronavirus Outbreak

Driving Lessons To Recommence From July 4th 2020

Since the early part of 2020, the whole world has faced the issue of dealing with Covid-19. The effects of the pandemic have been devastating and wide reaching. Our industry, like so many others, has been greatly affected by this ongoing situation.

Driving instructors have now been given permission to resume driving lessons for all members of the public. These lessons can begin from July 4th 2020.

Driving tests and theory tests still remain subject to changes or cancellations by the DVSA.


How will we conduct lessons safely?

The safety of our customers and our instructors remains our top priority. To ensure that lessons are conducted in the safest manner possible, our instructors will be using a range of safety measures which may include:

  • Wearing of face masks to minimise airborne particles
  • Wearing disposable gloves or making use of hand sanitiser within the vehicle
  • Extra time being dedicated between lessons to thoroughly clean the vehicle controls
  • Use of digital thermometers before lessons
  • Wearing appropriate clothing to minimise skin exposure
  • Windows to be kept open to increase ventilation

How can our students help us conduct lessons safely?

We will be asking our students to aid us in maintaining hygiene in the car by asking them to follow safety measures when taking lessons, which may include the following:

  • Contacting their instructor if they or anyone in their household has shown symptoms of Covid-19
  • Thoroughly washing hands before arriving at lessons
  • Using hand sanitiser available in vehicle throughout the lesson
  • Wearing clothing which minimises skin exposure to airborne particles
  • Request breaks from driving if they need time to exit the vehicle for comfort reasons
  • Avoid excessive face to face contact with instructors when discussing driving related matters at the side of the road
  • Keeping windows open whilst driving

Will lessons be 100% safe from Covid-19?

Although we can not guarantee 100% that by following these measures we can prevent further spread of the virus within a tuition vehicle, we are confident that this will at least significantly reduce the chances and provide a safer learning environment for everyone.

If anyone is uncomfortable with any of the measures being used, we advise them to speak directly with the school or with their instructor to work out a resolution before commencing lessons.

If you would like further information regarding our Covid-19 response, please feel free to contact us on 0345 676 9870

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  • I’ve been to 3 instructors in total, 2 of which were nowhere near as brilliant as Colin, he’s polite, patient and knows exactly how to deal with all sorts of situations and nervousness. Passed first time with the help of Colin. Already recommended him to at least 3 of my friends!! Thanks again Colin!!!

    Liam Lincoln
    Liam Lincoln Learner
  • David, just wanted to say a BIG thank you as a parent. You made Olivia’s diving lessons fun and she always felt at ease with you. She will miss the banter you both had. As for myself ... after Liv being the 3rd and last child learning to drive - D&D came out on top as instructors. Amazing driving school. So friendly and getting out of bed on a Sunday David to take livs for a spin at 8am !!!!! so she got one more lesson in before her test yesterday is classed in my eyes as a great company that goes the extra mile... for their students. Well done and thanks again. We have a gift for you so see you soon.

     Olivia Cunningham
    Olivia Cunningham Learner
  • Thank you so much Donna for everything you have done for me, you made me feel so calm and you were always so positive in everything I did. You helped me realise that driving is actually a good thing and that it turns out I could do it in the end. Not many people have a way of getting through to me but you certainly did, anyway soppy bit over! Thank you so much; I really appreciate you being so lovely and patient. Take care and thank you for getting me through it, showing me that driving ain’t half bad! Thanks again, love Skye x

    Skye Leigh Haggith
    Skye Leigh Haggith Learner
  • Had an amazing driving experience with D&D! My instructor, Harry, was always very encouraging, friendly and patient in every single one of my lessons, and made sure my skills were polished before my test, allowing me to gain confidence in my driving. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Highly recommend Harry as well as Duke and Duchess for driving lessons!

    Shabnam Masih
    Shabnam Masih Learner
  • I would like to say a big thanks to Jaz for helping me pass first time last month. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor who was as patient, relaxed and friendly as you, which really helped me gain confidence on the road. Deffo missing driving lessons with you and telling you all my stories. I will always recommend to anyone who wants to start driving.

    Amber Buonsenso
    Amber Buonsenso Learner
  • Had the best experience with Duke and Duchess, huge, huge thank you to Jess who has been such a fantastic teacher! She's such a friendly and warm person and made me feel so relaxed even in my most panicked moments, without her I would not have done it! I will be recommending her to anyone who needs a driving instructor. And we had such a laugh along the way. 10/10 would recommend!! Thank you

    April Mathie-Dowling
    April Mathie-Dowling Learner
  • What a great instructor. Always accommodating to fit lessons in when it fitted with busy parent lifestyles, (even helped with the school run!). Style of training was friendly but strict (if that makes sense?) always looked at getting the best out of learner in a way that focused on the end result. Very knowledgeable of what examiners looked for and ensuring that once passed safe driving was essential. Can’t thank Julia enough, two of our family passed through her excellent tuition. Would be the first to recommend her. Thank you so so much! 

    Tony Wuidart for daughter Sammi
    Tony Wuidart for daughter Sammi Learner
  • I can’t thank Karl enough for his patience and commitment to helping me succeed in passing my test. I’d highly recommend Karl to any learner drivers. Thanks again!!

    Annabelle Learner
  • Wow, what can I say? Michele you’ve been absolutely amazing! I really couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been such a great teacher, listener and friend. Thank you so much for everything, and I’ll miss our crazy lessons, they’ve been brilliant. I can’t recommend Duke & Duchess enough!

     Alex Welstead
    Alex Welstead Learner
  • Neil from Duke and Duchess is an awesome instructor: he was clear and methodical in his teachings, patient when I made mistakes, and his knowledge of the roads and driving are second to none. I had great fun learning how to drive with Neil, particularly due to his sense of humour and the fact that he is so approachable. If you’re struggling to find a great instructor, Neil is your safest bet, and I would highly recommend him.

    Johnathan Hirniak
    Johnathan Hirniak Learner
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