More fury over bus lane fines for drivers in Bedford

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Drivers in Bedford are once again feeling the sting of being caught driving in a bus lane. It follows changes to a popular route by the Wixams estate, just outside of Bedford. Local residents have for years been using a “shortcut” to get to local shops. Recently though, the local council changed the 10 metre long road in to a bus lane and have installed bus lane cameras to catch offending drivers who continue to use the road.
Local residents have complained though that the bus lane is only used by two buses an hour, even at peak times. The residents also claim that this change now forces them to drive up to an extra two miles to get to their destinations.
In total, nearly 300 drivers have been fined since the installation of the cameras, leading to claims that this is noting more than a money making exercise. The signs by the road do clearly show that it is a bus lane with the cameras installed. The councils response to these claims are that the cameras are there to enforce safety.
We spoke to our Bedford driving instructors, and or thoughts were similar to the last time a debate was raised about bus lane cameras. If the lane in clearly marked, you must be an authorised vehicle in order to use the bus lane. The penalties may seem a bit harsh, but rules are rules.
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