I Hate Mondays…

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There are a number of reasons not to like Mondays. The weekend is officially over, it’s time to go back to work, and of course, next weekend will never be further away than it is right now. So it’s rare when we have something great to shout about on a Monday morning.
And this one is no different!!
Starting the week off with a flat tyre on my driving school car is hardly the morning I would have liked for. It happened innocently enough, when a student positioned the car a bit too close to the kerb whilst stopping on a driving lesson in Bedford on Saturday, and caught a sharp edge of kerb, puncturing the tyre. No other damage done, so just needed to get the car to a garage this morning using the safety (spare) tyre.
But whilst driving my car with the safety tyre on, it did get me thinking about how the car handles differently, and how it can surprise people the first time they drive a car like this. Due to the size difference in the wheels (safety tyres are usually smaller to save space in your car), the car will usually feel like it’s pulling to the side whilst driving. It also caused my EPS warning light and ABS warning lights to appear on my dashboard, as the on board computer in my car is detecting that these systems will not work properly due to the speed differences in my wheels. When braking, you have to keep a firm grip on the wheel, as it will pull to the side with the spare on again due to the speed difference in the wheels.
It also serves as a good reminder to check your safety tyre often to ensure it is ready for use, should you ever need it.
Never mind though, only 4.5 working days until next weekend…..
Photo credit to Mioawee

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