Northampton driving instructors impressed by police drink driving campaign statistics

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Our driving instructors in Northampton were pleased to hear that the drink driving campaign that was run by police in Northamtponshire was a success over the Christmas period. Figures recently released showed an increase in the number of cars stopped, with the number of arrests remaining steady though. Hopefully, this means that people are really getting the message about drink driving!
For years now, there has always been a focus on drink driving campaigns around the Christmas period. The figures look at how may people were stopped, how many arrest were made along with ho many arrest lead to offenders being charged. It also loks at how many young drivers are charged with the offense. It’s also worth noting that some of these stops were carried out between 7am and noon, showing that people don’t always think before getting behind the wheel the morning after!
The figures for 2012 are as follows:

  • 5,732 people┬ábreathalysed
  • 115 arrests
  • 78 of the 115 arrests lead to offenders being charged
  • 24 of the 115 arrests were young drivers aged from 17-24

The previous year figures were as follows:

  • 2,532 people┬ábreathalysed
  • 117 arrests
  • 80 of the 117 arrests lead to offenders being charged
  • 28 of the 117 arrests were young drivers aged from 17-24

As you can see, there were over double the number of stops carried out, but actually 2 people less were arrested. This shows a huge drop in the percentage of drivers caught drink driving.
Like always, our driving instructors in Northampton always discuss with their students the risks of drink driving, making sure that they fully understand the dangers and consequences of their actions. All just part of the service during their driving lessons in Northampton.
For any questions about these figures, or for any other information about driving lessons in Northampton, give us a call on 0345 676 9870.
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