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So your child is old enough to learn to drive….it can be a daunting prospect and as a parent, you are going to have a lot of questions. It is a life changing moment for many young people, and as a parent, you want to support them as much as possible.

Some parents are very enthusiastically involved in their teenagers learning to drive and very comfortable with providing private practice alongside the professional driving lessons. What is most important is that the emphasis is put on safety and that your son or daughter feels they have gained the necessary skills and confidence to handle the many changing road conditions and situations. Whether that be through purely having lessons with an instructor or a combination of professional lessons as well as private practice with you.

If you do decide to go down the route of private practice, our instructors will happily support you. You can always meet with the instructor at the beginning or end of a lesson and speak with them.

At the end of every lesson, we will always ask the learner to reflect and evaluate their progress in the lesson. We use this information to set objectives for the next lesson, our instructors all fill out progress forms either on a progress card or via an email.

It may help you to refresh your own knowledge regarding the highway code should you feel at all rusty regarding the rules of the road. All of our instructors will teach the most up to date methods of driving and some things may have changed since you passed your driving test, one question many parents ask us is about block gear changing and why we teach it.

Duke & Duchess driving school in Bedford offers all of our learners FREE access to the theory test pro system, this is everything that every learners needs in to study and pass the theory test.

Our ultimate goal is to equip all of our learners with the skills required to make our roads safer, and whether you as parents decide to play a big part of this journey or you feel it better to leave it entirely to the professional driving instructors…….what is most important is safety.

We want your teenager to feel safe and comfortable in their lessons. All of our instructors are fully CRB checked and licensed by the DVSA. In most areas we have both male and female instructors so if you have a preference just let us know when you enquire about lessons.

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