Don’t fear the Standards Check……Embrace it!

So the day has come when you’ve found your ‘invitation’ to a Standards Check on the doormat.

You may already be applying the client-centred learning approach to your lessons or you may only know some of the basics. Either way, it is a good idea to get confirmation and reassurance that what you are doing is going to satisfy all of the criteria expected on the Standards check marking guide (SC1). Whilst positive feedback from your learners is great for boosting your confidence, passing your Standards Check is vital to keep you in the profession you love.

About the Standards Check

From 7 April 2014, all ADI’s must take at least one Standards Check in each 4-year period of registration. There is no longer an opportunity of role play. The accompanying examiner will assess that instruction is delivered satisfactorily and effectively in accordance with the National Standard for Driver and Rider Training (NSDRT). You must take a student with you on the test either a learner driver or a full licence holder and the test lasts for 1 hour. 17 competencies are assessed within 3 higher areas of competence:

  • Lesson Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Teaching and Learning Strategies

With 3 points available for each of the 17 competences, the total possible score is 51.

We train our own instructors and have so far helped 6 become fully qualified.

When the time comes for the Instructors to undertake their Standards check, we as a driving school provide the necessary support. Each instructor is different so that support can vary depending on the needs of the instructor. Some instructors may opt to undertake a mock test to gain confidence and reassurance while others may choose to take further training.

Even if you are not a Duke & Duchess Instructor, if you would like some help with training or just a chat for reassurance call Donna on 07747322231.

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