Testimonial from Charlotte Montila for David Walker

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I PASSED FIRST TIME!! Still can’t believe it! Never thought it was EVER going to happen. I contacted David after having a few driving lessons in Bedford with another instructor. I lacked confidence whilst driving, and felt like I wasn’t progressing very quickly, especially when it came down to manoeuvres. I explained that I wanted to have lessons whilst home from university for my summer holiday- giving David only 5 weeks to get me up to test standard! My driving lessons were very enjoyable; David made me feel very at ease whilst driving, and I can honestly say I looked forward to my lessons for the first time ever. Manoeuvres were made simple, and I was given plenty of chance to practice. When the test day arrived, I was pretty nervous, but David made me laugh pretty much the whole way to Bedford. By the time we got to the test centre I felt relaxed and ready. The test went better than I could have ever expected, and I had a massive smile on my face when I drove back into the test centre. I would like to thank David for putting up with me, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor in Bedford.

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