Weather turning cold for Bedford driving instructors

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You may be looking back on this year, thinking “Where has the year gone?”. With the weather getting ever colder, and with our apparent lack of summer weather in the UK this year, nobody could begrudge you a moan about our weather!
But what about driving out there?
We had a post a few weeks ago (which you can read here) about handling bad weather, and how to prepare for it, but it felt like a good time to remind you all about driving in bad weather. Useful hints from our driving instructors in Bedford include making sure your car is ready for the bad weather and is properly maintained. Plan your journey well and consider carrying extra supplies with you including water and some blankets, just in case the worst should happen. Always take care on the roads, allowing more time for braking and stopping distances.
And above all else, stay safe!!
For any questions regarding driving in bad weather, or for any other questions about driving lessons in Bedford, feel free to call us on 0345 676 9870.
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